About Global Science Network

The goal of the Global Science Network is to solve the world’s most difficult problems using a large-scale collaborative research approach. The primary focus is the create non-biological human consciousness.

Three Main Projects 

1) Non-Biological Human Consciousness

2) Solving The Worlds Energy Problem

3) Solving Unified Field Theory

YouTube Channels

Global Science Network

This is the primary youtube channel with weekly featured content.

Global Science Network Advanced

This youtube channel will be for tutorials, presentations, relevant journal clubs, and information about open-source research tools.

Our Team

If you are reading this then you are part of the network. In what way and how much you contribute is up to you! The idea is for people from different technical backgrounds and ways of thinking to contribute to state-of-the-art projects they would otherwise not be involved in.


Many people have and will contribute to the projects the Global Science Network is working on. Hopefully, we get a large number of people not only following along but also contributing their time and talent to these efforts. The cost to employ one professional is over $150,000 per year. So getting a large number of people working even part-time in an efficient manner could be an unstoppable force. If you are interested in being in a leadership role for any part of these projects contact Cody.

Cody Wabiszewski

Cody started the Global Science Network with the idea people should be focusing more time, energy, and resources on useful projects. By degree, Cody is an aerospace engineer and has a master’s in mechanical engineering. He has worked for a large defense contractor, the US federal government, himself, small businesses, and for a university doing human brain-computer interface research.

Through these various work experiences, Cody realized that most people’s talents are underutilized. Even the “people in charge” are rarely working on what they consider the best solution. Hopefully, the Global Science Network is a place where people’s talents can be fully utilized to properly define and solve problems facing the world.